Hong Kong Food Science and Technology Association Limited is an educational and science society of food professionals – technologists, scientists, engineers, educators and students in the field of food science and food technology. Individuals who are qualified by education, special training or experience are invited to join the Association.


Functions and Activities 

The Association will publish newsletter quarterly. It will also arrange visits, talks, discussion forums, academic presentations, business presentations, exhibitions, conferences, and any other relevant activities.


Qualifications for memberships 

HKFSTA welcomes those who support the promotion and development of food science and technology in Hong Kong. There are FOUR membership categories:

  1. Full Member: Any person who is working in food-related field (Industry, Business, or Educational institute) and has either:
    (a) a Degree in Food Science, Food Technology, Food and Nutrition from a university in
    Hong Kong, or equivalent; or
    (b) a Higher Diploma or Higher Certificate from a Hong Kong polytechnic / polytechnic university, or a technical institute / technical college, or equivalent.
  2. Student Member: Any person who is registered as a full time or part time student pursuing candidacy for a degree, higher diploma / diploma, higher certificate / certificate course in the field of food science and technology or related field in either one of the following tertiary institutions in Hong Kong (CUHK, HKU, HKPU, HKTC).
  3. Affiliated Member: Any person who is working in a food-related field and shares the common objectives of HKFSTA.
  4. Corporate Member:


Membership Fee 

Admission fee is paid once and annual fee is paid annually.

Admission Fee including the annual fee of first year Annual Fee
Full Member HK$ 300 HK$ 150
Affiliated Member HK$ 300 HK$ 150
Student member HK$ 200 HK$ 150
Corporate member HK$ 4000 HK$ 1000


Payment Method 

Payment should be made by cheque payable to “Hong Kong Food Science and Technology Association Limited”.


Application Method 

Please complete and return the application form together with the cheque by mail to the Secretariat at P.O. Box 1421, General Post Office, Hong Kong. Your application will be considered as soon as possible.


For further information or to make suggestions, please send email at or by mail to the Secretariat at the P.O. Box1421, General Post Office, Hong Kong.